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  • Easy to use, knead evenly and glue.2. Great plasticity, as you can imagine, can be shaped according to you.

    3. After curing, it has high strength, good hardness, no shrinkage and no rust. It can be used for drilling, sawing, planing, milling, filing and painting just like the body material being repaired.

    4. Excellent adhesive force, widely used in stone, wood, ceramics, glass, cement, plastic and various metals.

    ◆ scope of application

    1 car, motorcycle repair, sealing, plugging: the cylinder body, cylinder head, oil tank, water tank, and oil vapor pipeline parts appear sand holes, cracks damage and leakage, leakage, steam leakage, joint leakage, exhaust pipe rupture and other situations can be completely repaired.

    2. Installation and decoration industry: repair all kinds of metal, wood, plastic, cement products and other defects. Bonding and repairing of aluminum frame, door frame and stair protection plate on construction project. Indoor and outdoor advertising signboard production, door plate, etc. All kinds of chemical, gas, water, steam pipeline leakage repair.

    3. Mechanical design, stone material manufacturing and processing and industrial production: splicing of various marble and marble, mutual adhesion, self-adhesion, repair, fixation, grinding, drilling and painting among various mechanical parts and metals. Can be steel, iron, aluminum and other metal materials on the container, pipe and some parts of the leakage holes, cracks, sand holes, defects, cracks, damage, such as filling repair and bonding. Rapid production and reproduction of parts, models, templates, screws for fixing, repairing, sealing damage, and various forms of installation and fixation in industrial production

    4. Family: repair and reshape the damaged kitchen, bathroom utensils and furniture


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