Dishwand Soap Dispenser (GREY)


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looking for something that helps in washing your utensils then do not worry anymore. Buy Dishwand Soap Dispenser and keeping your hands free from mess. The ergonomic non-slip handle can be comfortably gripped in the hand even in wet conditions and prevents the hand from directly contacting the detergent liquid that damaging the skin. The removable cleaning head is easy to rotate and unlock, so you can easily replace it with a new one. The soft antibacterial sponge and durable nylon brush maintain their original shape during scrubbing.

How to use Dishwand Soap Dispenser:
Add detergent to the sink, and then press the button to let the detergent out. One filling can be used for several weeks. You can also dilute with water before use. you can use this soap dispenser brush to clean dishes, pots, pans, dishes, bowls, cups, glasses and others. If necessary, you can use the clean sink, bathroom bathtub, toilet, shower, oven. You never have to worry about hurting your cutlery. Hanging hole design can be hung on the wall to save space while reducing bacterial growth and extending service life.

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