Golden Tape – Self Adhesive | 50 Meter


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1. Material: PVC

2. Length: 50m/164 ft

3. Width: 0.4 inch / 1 cm.

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  • Self-adhesive stickers for traditional style and high-quality pigment
  • Versatile applications for wall decoration, floor decoration, glasses decoration, skirting lines, and waistlines
  • Water shield surface layer prevents water and moisture damage
  • Easy to clean with a duster cloth for longevity
  • Luxurious gold color upgrades the aesthetic of any space
  • Can be mixed and matched for a unique ambiance
  • Specifically designed for smooth and clean surfaces
  • Adhere well to old tiles, ceramics, glass, metal, smooth painted walls, and varnished wood
  • Waterproof and ideal for filling gaps between tiles
  • Suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, dining rooms
  • Introduce vibrant colors and transform your surroundings
  • Best applied to clean, smooth, dry, and dust-free surfaces


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