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Maximize your cabinet storage and organize spices with Spice Spinner™ Kitchen™!  D-Shaped rotating spice rack sits flush to the cabinet and spins to bring spices closer to you, holding up to 40 spice bottles! The inner turntable makes everything visible and allows for taller bottles and items to be stored. Two shelf levels and the top shelf can be adjusted to 4 different heights! Use in any room of the house to make your life a little more organized. Great for cabinets, refrigerators, crafts, bathrooms, and more!

How large is Spice Spinner?
Spice Spinner is 12.5″ in diameter and 10.4″ from front to back. The max height is 8″, which can be adjusted in half-inch increments (7.5″, 7″, and 6.5″)

Does Spice Spinner require any tools for installation?
No! Spice Spinner has parts that snap into each other making the assembly quick and easy.

Is Spice Spinner only made for holding spices?
No, Spice Spinner can be used for many different things such as holding crafts, cosmetics, and other small items!

How many containers can Spice Spinner hold?
Spice Spinner can hold up to 40 spices!

How big do my cabinets need to be to fit Spice Spinner?
Spice Spinner can fit into any cabinet that’s 11″ or deeper.

What if my containers are taller than average?
Spice Spinner is adjustable to 4 different height settings! Each setting is 0.5″, with a total of 1.5″ increase in height!


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