Seven Position Adjustable Laptop Stand


Shipping cost: 200
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Adjustable Laptop Stand With Seven Angles

Portable Ventilated Cooling Laptop Riser

60° rotatable: ergonomically designed rotating base design, 360 degree rotation, meeting, watching movies, you can rotate at will
adjustable for optimal comfort ,Work comfortably in the comfort of your bed with our exclusive foldable laptop stand.
his ultimate portable stand is fully adjustable to your needs so you can work, write, study on your bed, sofa or anywhere comfortably.
7-speed adjustable: high and low free choice of 7-speed card slot design, bracket adjustable high and low, more comfortable with computer
It makes the perfect present for someone special like your mother, father, brother, sister, friends and loved ones.

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Shipping cost: 200
Call / Whatsapp : 03091215308

Product description


Are you the one who always suffers from neck or shoulder pain after hunching a laptop for a long time?

Is it hard to focus on your work?

-Don’t worry as our laptop stand can correct the wrong sitting posture and reduce your neck and shoulder pain.

-No more eye strain and eliminates hand fatigue with our 7 height adjustable laptop stand.



Why choose our laptop holder?

★This computer stand supports SEVEN-step height & angle adjustment. Minimum height 2.75inches -maximum height of 5.5inches (15°-50 °)

★The 4 rubber cushions on top and 2 protective hooks keep your laptop from scratches & sliding, another 4 silicone pads on the bottom protect this stand from scrapes.

★You can quickly fold this adjustable laptop stand into a thin size or open it within a second.

★Aluminum alloy improves heat dissipation while the open frame can cool down your laptop by providing more airflow.

★With precise metal cutting and polishing, the laptop shelf provides you with a great touch and stylish look.

★It is easy to organize cables of your laptop computer and make your desktop clean and neat with this laptop riser.


Product Specification:

-Material: aluminum alloy+silicone

-Laptop size:below 15.6inch


Color: Silver

7 Adjustable height/angle:2.75” to 5.5”/(15°-50 °)


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