Silicone Stretch Lids 6 Pack


Pack of 6 Piece – Rs.600/-
Pack of 12 Piece – Rs.1000/-
Pack of 18 Piece – Rs.1300/-

Delivery Charges : 200/-

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Are You Always Facing Food Spoilage at Home? Any Solutions to Keep it Fresh in order to Prevent Waste of Food? This set of Silicone Stretch Lids Can Certainly Help you. It Always Keep Your Food Fresh As the First Day Made!
  • SILICONE STRECH LIDS – The silicone stretch lids are made of food grade material. It is non-toxicdurable and soft texture, which is 100% Phthalate, Lead, plastic and BPA free. No need to worry about your family’s health.

  • SIZE FIT – Total of 6 sizes(2.6″, 3.8″, 4.5″, 5.7″, 6.5″, and 8.1″), fit various sizes for cowl covers, cups, canned, pots and pans.

  • ENSURE FOOD FRESH – The silicone stretch lids help you prevent spills to make the residual fruits, vegetables, drinks and other foods keep fresh or avoid foods from spattering in microwave oven.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN – The silicone stretch lids can easily open the slippery cans and bear the temperature from -40℃ to 230℃.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY SILICONE LID – Silicone is a reusabledurable material. The silicone stretch lids, can reuse it multiple times, helps you say goodbye to the conventional cling wrap and the zipper storage bags.


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